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Feel alive, peaceful and centered with the NEW Revel Body SOL Sonic Vibrator® featuring the power of Om to promote sexual awakening, deepen intimacy, reduce stress and tension and renew your mind, body and spirit.sol_hands_image

It started with a toothbrush
Revel Body SOL ® was the brainchild of innovator, Robin Elenga who started out with the observation that many Sonicare* consumers were using their toothbrushes for more than just brushing their teeth – they were using them as vibrators. Why? The higher frequency output offered a faster, buzzier sensation than conventional vibrators. So the Revel Body SOL ® Sonic Vibrator® was born – representing the best in collaborative design; informed by consumers and perfected through a methodical scientific process.

The secret is sonic…
At the heart of every personal massager is a motor that generates vibration. Almost all battery-powered vibrators use the same rotary vibration motors, technology that has advanced little over the last 100 years. Revel Body SOL ® is different! It delivers the power of pulsation – a back and forth movement that ensures maximum stimulation and a completely new, superior sensation

Some benefits of sexual heath & wellness…


* Improved circulation and cardiovascular health

* Stronger, more toned pelvic floor

* Better sleep, boosted immunity


* Enhanced self-confidence, self-image, and body image

* Improved mood

* Stress and anxiety relief


* Better partner communication and satisfaction

* Easier, more frequent orgasms

* Less pain during and after intercourse


The Revel Body Experience

The Revel Body SOL is a unique, powerful and waterproof vibrator that is perfect for use on your own or with a partner. Made with body safe materials it really is a fantastic product to use everywhere – from massaging muscles to creating the Best.Bath.Ever.

This toy can be used however or whenever you choose and unlike traditional vibrators, the SOL actually pulsates rather than vibrates to give a completely unique and satisfying sensation on all six settings.

If you want to take the SOL out of the bedroom then we recommend setting it on the lower settings (1-3) and taking it into the bath as it’s completely waterproof. It can be used in the traditional way underwater to stimulate the clitoris, or, alternatively, you can flip it over to the concave side and allow the suction created through the movement of the piston to bring you to orgasm (it gives a delightful sensation of light kissing and flicking of the tongue).

If using a vibrator in the bath isn’t your idea of relaxation, then you can put the SOL on to setting six and harness the power of the Om frequency. This frequency (136.1Hz) is said to help promote sexual awakening, deepen intimacy, reduce stress and tension and renew the mind, body and spirit, allowing you to deeply relax and relieve the stresses of the day.

So, to get the best out of your Revel Body SOL take a look at some of our key pointers and get to know yours inside out.

What’s so special about “sonic”?

It’s the same technology that’s found in sonic toothbrushes! It offers a sensation completely different from vibration. Revel Body delivers the sensation of PULSATION.

What’s in it for me?

The Revel Body creates a unique ‘back and forth’ movement that when glided upon the body, ensures maximum stimulation & a truly unique sensation. What’s more, it is completely waterproof…

Four Top Tips to get the most from your Revel Body

1) In the bath…

« Use the lowest, more powerful speeds (1-3).

« Hold Revel Body so that the lighted funnel end is against your body

« The movement of the Revel Body underwater will create vibration and suction against your body

2) Be gentle!

You do not have to press hard like you do with traditional vibrators. If you press too hard you will experience very little sensation. The Revel Body is designed to be held gently which creates less stress on your hands, wrists and elbows.

3) Know your settings!

Unlike other vibrators, the most powerful vibration range is located on the lower settings. There are 6 settings. Setting 3 is the most powerful.

4) Experiment!

Revel Body SOL includes three tips for customisable experience Use the different attachments for a customisable experience.

Rose Attachment Tip:
As well as being highly pleasurable, try it on the 4th setting which has enough intensity to help loosen sore muscles all over the body.

Fawn Attachment Tip:
The Fawn attachment tickles sensitive areas and is great for sensation play. A tickler worthy of some serious foreplay. Use all over the body and on all settings; however we find that setting four is ideal.

Ever Attachment Tip:
Has an interesting texture especially suited to a clitoris or muscle massage. If you’re a beginner we recommend the low settings. If you’re looking for intensity aim for setting 4.


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