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Sexual Health is the cornerstone of our business and we take great pride in the products that we offer to support the health and well-being of our customers.

We’re proud to offer the world’s largest range of condoms and lubricants which we believe has something for everyone – including both male and female condoms, ranges for pleasure, fun, sensation and size and a selection of lubricants which can be used with all our products.

We also consider vibrators to be an excellent aid for sexual health, and this is why we’re the sole UK distributors of two fantastic brands – the Revel Body SOL Sonic Vibrator and the fantastic variety of products from the L’amourose Black Diamonds Collection. Each of these will spice up your sexual activities and have been well reviewed by influential bloggers worldwide – if you’re looking to try something new and innovative then these are the ranges for you. But if you’re looking for something a bit more purse friendly then our own brand of vibrators – the Sensations range will offer you pleasure, arousal, excitement and satisfaction on a budget.

Featuring a unique heating technology, the L’AMOUROSE ROSA ROUGE is perfect for a warming and passionate sensation.

The L’AMOUROSE PARAMORE: Pleasure Partners Set is a great set to share with a partner. Featuring a remote control and three different vibrator styles, there’s something for everyone.

Sexual Health Posts

The Paramour set wins the Red Dot Product Design Award!

30 March 2015 – Essen, Germany: Luxury brand L’amourose wins the Red Dot Product Design Award 2015 for the PARAMOUR Pleasure Partners Set. Throughout the world, the Red Dot is acknowledged as one of the most prestigious design awards for product design quality. The international Red Dot jury bestows the sought-after seal of quality only to those products that stand out clearly from comparable entries in terms of their excellent design. The international experts assessed each of the 4,928 entries from 56 countries but only designs that stood out with their innovative power and quality are given an award. The PARAMOUR Pleasure Partners Set from L’amourose succeeded in convincing the jury members and deservedly won the sought-after Red Dot seal of quality. About PARAMOUR Pleasure Partners Set PARAMOUR features a wireless remote controlled sex toy that operates up to a distance of 16m (52 feet) using a touch sensitive interface and 2 different touch motion modes. In addition, 5 standard vibration patterns can be used over 8 vibration intensities. The remote control also has a memory function that can record up to 10 seconds of unique vibration patterns set by the user and then replay the loop. The wireless remote control also acts as the charging dock for the vibration bullet, allowing for simultaneous charging. PARAMOUR also showcases versatility with it’s interchangeable bullet vibe that can be used with 3 different body-safe, ultra-silky silicone cradles for a variety of intimate activities. Each silicone cradle and bullet vibe is fully waterproof and safe for complete submersion and effortless cleaning. MAE is a cradle that allows the bullet to be used... read more

Cumming soon…BRAND NEW edible condoms

Being innovators of anything rubber related Pasante Healthcare are ready to introduce you to a brand new sensation in sexual pleasure – the edible condom. Realising that even a traditional flavoured condom can often still have a rubbery after taste, we have spent the last three years developing a condom that is tantalising, tasty and can be eaten after use PLUS you can also do your bit for the planet as there is no need to just chuck these in the bin. “My partner and I thought these were going to be foul but we were proved wrong…the sensation whilst having sex was A-MAZ-ING and we got to take our kinky play one step further by seeing how edible they were after. YUM” – Gordon Bennet Mixing natural latex derived from flowering plants with a secret ingredient found in the depths of the tropical rainforest in Central Africa we have made the perfect after sex treat that still holds all the properties of a traditional condom. As you would expect from an edible condom, these are less than 100 calories each and can be easily carried around in a handbag or wallet meaning they are perfect as an afternoon snack to stave off those hunger cravings if you don’t get a chance to use them for their primary purpose first. “I’m on the pill with my partner so I don’t use condoms much, but these are so good I use them as a snack!” – Gail Forcewind Obviously we want to cater for all tastes and so these condoms come in an array of flavours including Passion Fruit for... read more

Worried about your penis size? It’s (almost certainly) not as bad as you think

If you believe all the porn, spam emails or your mate down the pub who won’t stop talking about it, then you’d be forgiven for thinking that the average penis is a gargantuan beast which you have no chance of measuring up to. But a new study today from the British Journal of Urology suggests that the average penis length is 13.12cm when fully erect or 5.16 inches. Although penis size has been a topic of discussion, or at least a topic of personal thought for many men, this is the first study to hold the measurements to a stricter standard. This includes a consistent way of measurement and the elimination of self-reporting, which tends to result in overestimation. These days we are bombarded with images and suggestions of large penises and how important they are – even between reading about the study and starting to write this article I received an email entitled “Grow my penis over 4 inches!” With so much of this type of cultural feeling, it’s easy to worry that you’re not big enough. Hopefully the graph below can help set your mind at ease: Despite the pervading attitude, it actually seems that there’s a very narrow range for the majority of penis lengths – there’s only 3cm difference (just over an inch) between the 10th and 70th percentile and the average man (50th percentile) is only a few centimetres shorter than the 95th percentile! So far from feeling inadequate, most men shouldn’t be too worried about their penis size at all – but even if you find yourself slightly on the smaller side, we’ve still got... read more

The Top Five Foods for Enhancing your Sex Drive

Have you ever had a moment where you’ve sat down and thought – where has my sex drive gone? The problem is, libido is often one of the first things to go when you are stressed, over worked or have young children who are on the go all day. However, this doesn’t mean the end of a fulfilling sex life and just by changing some elements in your diet you could increase your sexual prowess and your endurance to make your ‘alone’ time more fulfilling (just don’t over eat, as sex when you’re full is not comfortable). 1. Oysters Oysters have always been considered an aphrodisiac and with the magnificent lover Casanova eating them by the dozen for breakfast in the 18th Century there must be a little truth behind it. These little packages of passion are full of Zinc which can help to boost libido (as men who are low in Zinc can become impotent) but if you can’t afford to buy oysters you could always take a sexual performance enhancer which uses oyster powder as the main ingredient, such as – Male Angel. Taking 2 capsules 1-2 hours before sex will put you on course for a night of passion. 2. Chocolate Chocolate is definitely a food substance that few people can resist. Its sweet, rich flavour melts in the mouth and gives you that desired sugar hit when you’re having a down day, but did you know that dark chocolate contains phenylethylamine (PEA) which is a chemical released in the brain when people fall in love AND it triggers the same endorphins that are released during sex... read more