News: Pasante Healthcare Ltd acquired by Karex Berhad, the world’s largest condom manufacturer

Karex Berhad has acquired one of the largest independent condom manufacturing companies in the UK, Pasante Healthcare Limited, for £6 million. Last Friday, Karex’s wholly-own subsidiary, Karex Holdings Sdn Bhd, acquired the entire stake in the West Sussex based company.

In business for more than 14 years, Pasante offers a wide range of sexual wellness products including condoms, lubricants, HIV test kits, pregnancy test kits and others. The acquisition is a strategic fit for both companies allowing for growth and investment across the Pasante and subsidiary brands including the UK, Europe and Middle East Markets.

“Pasante is a strategic fit with Karex’s growing platform, complementing Karex group’s existing global market covering more than 120 countries across Africa, Asia, Europe and America, and established clientele of commercial global brand owners as well as government and non-government agencies,” Goh Miah Kiat, Chief Executive officer of Karex said.

Dave Strutt, Managing Director at Pasante Healthcare Ltd said “This is an exciting opportunity for Pasante Healthcare Ltd to grow across the UK and internationally whilst complementing Karex’s current OBM brand’s such as “Carex”, “ONE®”, “ESP” and the recently acquired “They Fit®” brand.”